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Why ACA?

Not everyone is covered by or eligible to purchase a group health insurance plan. Those who are self-employed, work part-time, are out of the workforce and are not eligible for Medicare or Medicaid often need to purchase an individual plan to protect themselves from financial loss in case of an accident or disease. The Affordable Care Act provides insurance exchanges, with fixed election periods, that allow most Americans to purchase coverage, often at a discount. There are a number of high-quality short-term health plans (lasting up to 364 days, but often with the option to renew) for affordable rates. These plans typically require health underwriting, while group and ACA plans do not.

4 Great Reasons To Sell Marketplace Health Insurance Plans

  1. Help your clients save money – and collect full commissions. Your customers may qualify for premium tax credits that lower their monthly premiums — but only through the Marketplace. By selling them a Marketplace plan, you help them save money. But your commission is based on the full, undiscounted price of the plan.
  2. Get new clients. After you register, you can add your information to our Find Local Help search tool on People in your community looking for an agent or broker can easily find you.
  1. Provide any level of service, collect the full commission. Once a client authorizes you to represent them in the Marketplace, you can provide any service they need — from answering questions to helping complete an application to handling everything from start to finish. In any case, you get your full commission.
  2. Handle everything online. You can help consumers fill out applications, complete enrollments, make changes, and handle renewals — all at, whenever it’s convenient.